4 Myths about Fountain Pens That You Probably Believe

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’

Edward Bulwer Lynton

This isn’t a myth. It is a fact. A fact that can sway nations, persuade the cold hearted and resolve all fights However, be sure that Lynton wasn’t taking about the new aged disposable writing devices you use these days.

Yes, we are talking about ballpoints.

How many have you used in your lifetime?

 You are probably reaching the triple digits in ballpoint pen ownership as we speak!

So what ‘pen’ is Edward referring too?

Well the one pen that can rule them all.

 A fountain pen is coveted and collected by many writing enthusiasts.

However, the new generation has a strong aversion to this powerful invention. It is probably because of all the horror stories that have trickled down into their ears by older siblings. In truth like old wives tales there is rarely an ounce of truth to them. You cannot believe them without experiencing the thrill of penning down your thoughts in fountain ink.

Without digressing any further let’s clear all misconceptions that keep you from possessing a fountain pen.

Myth 1: Fountain Pens are leaky.

Pipes leak. Bottles leak. Most liquid holding containers tend to leak.

 Do we stop using them?


So why should fountain pens face all the burn?

The word leak itself is the signifier here. It just indicates that either your pen is broken or you did something wrong while filling in the ink. Do not stop using a whole type on pen just on the basis of one faulty pen you or someone else owned.

It may surprise you but the fountain pen mechanism actually prevents ink leakage unless the cartridge is pressed to hard. So if your pen is leaky, you might be the one to blame.

Myth 2: You need a lot of practice and skill to write with a fountain pen.

This myth was created by a primary school teacher to stop her students for bringing in fountain pens when they were at the pencil writing phase. This does not apply to you if you are well past the age of cooties and scabs.

The only reason many might find writing with this pen hard is because of its rivals. You need to apply pressure on the ballpoint to get a clear line. With fountain pens you do not. These pens are created to glide smoothly on the page and produce elegant flowing penmanship.

Just keep the nib’s shiny side up so that the ink flows in the correct direction and don’t forcefully press the tip down the page. Voila! You can start writing.

Myth 3: Fountain pens slow down the writing speed.

Are you saying the pen magically controls your hand and makes the transition from thought to paper slower?

Aren’t you being ageist with this as you wave your new aged sparkly ballpoint at us?

Writing is manual labor. Hence, anything you write with be it fountain pens or ballpoints will move at the pace your hand move. The only evidence supporting this delusion is that people have a tendency to make better effort writing when they use the greater pen.

Myth 4: Fountain pens are costly.

This solely depends on what kind you are buying. If you want to own a limited edition or a really pricey piece made from special metal then you need to break the bank.

However, if you are looking for regular using fountain pen that you will use longer than any ballpoint you ever owned then there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket.

In fact look no further then here. Appelboom has a wide range of pen that will suit both your style and wallet.

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