Finding the best bedding for your newborn – What are your choices?

Although it is true that it is a rather rewarding experience to be a parent but finding the best newborn bed which suits the requirements of the little one is a rather daunting task. When you dive into the world of babies and their belongings, you will find yourself being spoilt for choice as there is plethora of options that you can choose from. Due to the wide array of choices, you will often find it tough to decide on the best bedding solution for your child.

From baby cot to baby crib, there is multiple bedding options from which you can choose. However, the one that you choose will depend entirely on the individual requirements of your baby. Read on to know more on your choices.

Things to watch out for while buying a baby bed for your newborn

There are few indicators of quality which you should keep in mind whenever you’re shopping around for a new baby bed. Here are few that you may consider:


The foremost thing to consider is whether or not the bassinet is safe enough. It should abide by the standards of ASTM International safety stands and there shouldn’t be any rough or sharp edges. Go through the reviews and ensure there are no negative reviews about the product. The bassinet should also be made of safe materials which are healthy for the skin of your baby. The biggest issue with bassinets is that they aren’t your safest options are cribs are considered as a better choice for newborns.


As per suggestions from Consumer Reports, the safest option for your baby is a crib. Ensure that the mattress that you choose for your baby bed is firm and nice and that you choose the fittest one for your baby. There should be comfortable space for your child to move off while sleeping so that he doesn’t feel suffocated. When you choose cribs, the newborns won’t outgrow soon. Make sure they’re ASTM certified and that the paint that is used is non-toxic.


Cradles are in many ways similar to bassinets apart from the fact that they rock your baby back and forth and can also pacify your baby to sleep. The only concern here is to find out a cradle which has got a strong construction and they’re made of different materials which have got moving parts. Just as bassinets, your baby will tend to outgrow fast and hence remember that cradles won’t be a perfect choice.

Then which is the best baby bedding option?

The best baby bed for your baby is probably the conventional crib which has got a single fitted sheet. You’ll find the best beds with the biggest retailers and it’s a good idea to find cribs online. There are the best reviews online that you should check so that you don’t end up with the wrong product.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the best bedding for your bed, you should take into account the above listed bedding options.

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